COVID 19 – Church Attendance Capped at 50

We understand that many of you are eager to return to church, and we are longing to see you too. However, the church attendance is currently capped at 50, so we need to work with this number in the interim until government of Alberta increases the number. 

For this reason, we have the simple process below that you must follow to secure a seat before attending the church service in person for Sunday Services and the Night Vigil coming up on Friday June 5th, 2020. 

1. Contact the church office on 780-747-1313 to reserve a seat. Please make sure you have a confirmed seat before you show up at the church. 

2. Complete Alberta Health Service (AHS) COVID 19 self assessment tool using the link below to ensure you are not required to self-isolate before coming to church.

3. The Ambassador will verify that your name is on the attendance list, and you are not required to self-isolate by law before granting you access to attend the service. 

Please do not show up for Sunday Service unless you have a confirmed seat. Currently, we are able to accommodate you on Wednesday for Bible Study and Friday for Prayer Meeting without a reservation. 

We appreciate your support as we navigate through these challenging times. 

God bless.