4D’s of Greatness – June 14, 2020

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Preached by Pastor Lucky Braimoh

Philippians 3:7 – 14 

  1. Every Journey in Life Consists of 4 D’s 
    • Decision:  Making up the mind
    • Distance:  How far to go on a journey
    • Direction:  The way or route to take on a journey
    • Destination:  The ultimate end point
  2. In His Journey to Greatness 
    • Decision:  Apostle Paul re-shaped his priorities (vs. 7 – 8)
    • Direction:  Apostle Paul made clear the path he was taking (vs. 9 – 10)
    • Distance:  Apostle Paul exhibited humility and self-awareness in acknowledging what was before him (vs. 11 – 13)
    • Destination:  Apostle Paul had the end in mind (vs. 14)
  3. Jesus’ Journeys 
    • Road to Emmaus
    • Road to Jericho
    • Road to Damascus
    • Journey to the Cross
  4. Hannah – Case Study # 1
    • Hannah was married, but God shut Hannah’s womb (1 Samuel 1:5)
    • Hannah was being provoked, scorned and shamed 
    • Hannah was focused and made a vow to God and prayed for one child
    • Hannah finished strong.  Her latter glory included the transformation from a barren woman to a Prophet’s Mom + 3 sons and 3 daughters (2 Samuel 2: 21)
  5. Woman With the Issue of Blood – Case Study #2
    • She suffered at the hands of her supposed helpers (John 9:26)
    • She invested herself and substance, all to no avail (John 9:26)
    • She purposed in her heart to touch Jesus then was made whole (John 9:27 – 29)
    • Her latter glory was significantly much better than her former
  6. The Man Born Blind – Case Study # 3
    • The same people who called him a beggar and blind, testified of his latter glory (John 9:8 – 10)
    • The blind man advertised Jesus in his journey to greatness (John 9:27)
    • The blind man became a teacher of the Word – teaching teachers John 9:29 – 33)
    • The blind man glorified God (John 9:25 – 30)
  7. Conclusion 
    • The End in Mind (2 Timothy 4: 6 – 8):  For God’s name to be glorified.  It is about what Jesus says.  Will you take to Jesus what He expects of you?
    • This is your day, don’t waste your day!
    • If you don’t know your course, which greatness are you aspiring to get?” – PLB
    • Make a decision to focus on Him who has called you
    • Envision the destination you will arrive at
    • Visualize  the distance : Travel on the road called righteousness and faith.  Finish your course.  Everyone has a course.  Each person’s course is different.  Know your course. 


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