A New Slate –  January 12, 2020

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Preached by PLB

This year, as a Church, our theme for 2020 is A YEAR OF DOUBLE GLORY. In line with this theme, PLB preached a sermon titled, New Slate – The Platform for Glory, on Sunday, January 12, 2020. He began with Deuteronomy 1:6 – 8, where God spoke to the Israelites and advised them that they had stayed long enough at Mount Horeb. They needed to break camp. They needed to advance. They needed to move on. God had given them the land, and it was time for them to go in and possess this land that He had promised not only to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and but also to their descendants.

Is God prompting you to change your position and move on and get going? Nothing is too difficult for God. If GOD has done His part, what are YOU waiting for? You need to seize and hold on to the promises you have been hearing for a long time. Sometimes we find ourselves in a place that we feel is ‘good’. It could be a mountain top, a fortress, a place of refuge, or a secure place of comfort. We limit ourselves and remain in one place, never moving on to possess what God has promised. It is time to possess your position.

In the last part of Mark 10, we read the story of Blind Bartimaeus and how Christ performed his 34th miracle on this blind beggar. Bartimaeus had been begging on the side of the road for a long time. He heard Jesus of Nazareth was in the area, and cried out for help. Many people around tried to discourage him and rebuked him. He persisted and shouted even louder. Jesus stopped and called for him. The members of the crowd were detractors. Detractors in our lives can be people who criticize or put us down. However, ironically, those detractors became the messengers that Jesus directed to bring the blind man to him. Bartimaeus chose to also cast away his garment, an inhibitor . He went on to receive his healing. He possessed his position.

As you begin, 2020, reflect on the following. What is your feel ‘good’ place that has kept you stationary, complacent and comfortable, to the point that you have failed to move on in your life to the greater things God has in store for you? Or do you find yourself in an uncomfortable place of need, like Blind Bartimaeus? What are your detractors? What inhibitors do you need to cast aside? Let those detractors become messengers. Cast away those inhibitors. It is time to possess your position.

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