Little but Wise –  January 26, 2020

Preached by PKO

This year, as a Church, our theme for 2020 is A YEAR OF DOUBLE GLORY. In line with this theme, PKO preached a sermon titled, Little But Wise, on Sunday, January 19, 2020. He began with Proverbs 30:24-28. Who could have thought we could gain so much wisdom from Ants, Conies, Locusts and Spiders?

Wisdom has been defined in many ways. For this context, we will define it as the product of life experiences or one’s exposure. It is multi-dimensional and it sets us apart from the average Joe. Proverbs 30:24 – 28 encourages us to learn from four (4) creatures on earth which are small but extremely wise. These creatures teach us preparation, strong determination, networking and in-built potential.

ANTS teach us PREPARATION. Proverbs 30:25 says although they are not strong, they prepare their food for the summer. Proverbs 6:6 tells sluggards to consider an ant’s ways and be wise. Ants store up their food for winter. They do not go hungry. In the same way, we need to be prepared so when we are called on to perform, we excel. ‘Lack of preparation is a sign of laziness that will result in failure.’ – PKO

CONIES teach us STRONG DETERMINATION. I am sure many people have no idea what a coney (or hyrax) is. They are feeble little mammals that build their homes in rocky terrain. Their homes (abodes) are well protected because of where they live. Conies are able to maintain their grip on rocks (steep surfaces) because of the numerous sweat glands on their feet, allowing them to move quickly and not fall as they ascend mountains. They are determined. For us, as Christians, we need to build our lives and homes on THE ROCK (Jesus). He gives us strength and protection. With that strength comes determination which can help us overcome the unexpected. ‘Determination makes opportunity become reality.” – PKO.  Luke 21:19 says, “Stand firm, and you will win life.” (NIV)  Remember, don’t give up. Quitters do n0t win.

LOCUST teach us the value of  NETWORKING. A locust, by itself, can be easily trampled and killed. In a group, they can wipe out huge farms and destroy economies. Although destructive, they have their positive side. Locust know how to network. They know how to work together. Networking will spread your sphere of influence. “We need to empower our adventure through networking.” – PKO. Networking expands your knowledge-base. Read more, associate with people more. Books are for information; company you keep is for association.

SPIDERS teach us about IN-BUILT POTENTIAL. They are able to scale walls even in king’s palaces. I wonder how many powerful and private conversations they have been privy to. Height nor location do not limit them. Interesting how so many children adore Marvel’s Spiderman. Like spiders, we need to “Turn your limitation around to self-motivation so that you can get to your desired destination.” – PKO

Do you want to be wise? Learn from these small creatures – the ants, the conies, the locust, and the spiders. Be prepared at all times. Never give up. Network. Be wise in what you read. Use wisdom in the company you keep. Work together. Remember, God has made you unique with so much in-built potential. He has deposited a treasure in you. Don’t waste it. Go to great heights, go to great places, and do great things. You have what it takes.  With Christ as your foundation, you are never too small to do great things.

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